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PAT Testing in Middlesbrough, Teesside, North East from £1 per appliance

This offer applies when a PAT Test is carried out in the TS (Teesside) postcode and for a minimum charge of £25. The £25 covers your first 10 appliances, every appliance after that is only £1

Example: If you have 50 appliances at your place of work in Middlesbrough, Teesside, Then your PAT Test by IMR Services will cost £65. This is broken down by a minimum of £25 which covers the first 10 aplliances. The other 40 aplliances will be PAT Tested for £1 each!

PAT Testing


The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 makes it a legal requirement that "All electrical systems must be maintained".

When any appliance is connected to the electrical supply, it becomes part of your electrical system, which means you, the employer and the employee, must maintain it by law.



  • Any premises where portable, electrical appliances are used
  • Any premises where the public may visit or have access and use your equipment



It is a test of all electrical appliances fitted with a plug.

Eg. Kettle, microwave, fridge, computers.


The test involves a thorough visual inspection of the appliance to check for:


  • Damage to the flex
  • Damage to the plug and (overheating, burn marks, discolouration)
  • An incorrectly wired plug
  • An incorrectly rated fuse


A series of tests are then performed with a P A T meter. Appliances are discreetly labelled with the result (pass or fail). Any remedial action that can be taken during testing (repairing plugs/fuses etc) will be carried out and re-tested at the time at no extra cost.



Testers are City and Guilds qualified with enhanced CRB.

They will offer a cost effective, flexible service during hours that cause least disruption to your work place.

PAT Testing from £1 per appliance

Minimum charge: £25

Includes your first 10 appliances. Additional appliances are charged at £1 per appliance

This is a special montly offer rate for premises in the TS (Teesside) postcode - please contact us to book a IMR Services PAT Test now.

Price includes:

  • A free microwave leakage test*
  • Testing at a time which is convenient to you
  • Certificate of Test
  • Asset Register
  • Replacement of incorrect fuses and damaged plugs


Prices are based on testing appliances within the TS postcode.

All other areas will be charged at £30 minimum cost.

Please ask for a quote for other areas.


*providing the microwave is "P A Tested" at the same time.

We charge per appliance tested.

There may be a small charge for some areas, to cover travelling costs to site.

Prices may vary according to site conditions.

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